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How to Apply for Scholarships

When to Apply for Scholarships?

Scholarship applications will depend on each institution’s deadline. As long as the scholarship dates are still open, you can apply. Early application is encouraged, as some institutions have limited capacity for testing and is on a first-come-first-served basis. Details of intakes, venue and date of test are available in respective scholarship information pages.

How to Apply for Scholarships?

Scholarships2u.com offers only one common scholarship requirement. The scholarship details page of each institution should give you an idea of who qualifies for the scholarship and eligibility criteria. Make sure you read these carefully, fill up registration form and register for the test accordingly.

Application Process

The simplified application process for scholarship application is as follows:


Select the school and the scholarship you’re interested in. Click on button to proceed to register.


Complete your registration by filling in the required information in the column provided. Click on the ‘SUBMIT’ button.
IMPORTANT: We will send scholarship information to your email address. Please ensure it is valid and that you check this email regularly. All information provided are confidential and will be used to match with your scholarship application. Please ensure all information are therefore accurate and correct.


You will receive an email message shortly informing you on how to proceed with the scholarship test. CLICK on the test link provided in the same email to proceed to test registration. Please note that while scholarship applications are free of charge, there is a test fee charged by Edutest (for creating, marking, compiling reports for applications and sending to respective Institutions for consideration).


Once test registration is complete, a student ID will be emailed to you. Please keep this code to login to your account.


Test schedule for date and time of test will be emailed to you based on the institution of your choice.


Student will take the scheduled assessment test and the results will be submitted to the institutions respectively.


Candidates will be shortlisted, and if required an interview and further evaluation by the school may be requested.
Note: Multiple applications are possible. Students may also apply to other schools of their choice and need not retake the test as it is valid for one year. When you apply to multiple institutions, your test profiles will automatically be forwarded to them.


Successful candidates will be notified and scholarships will be awarded to student accordingly.

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