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Introducing Scholarships2u.com

Why Scholarships2u.com?

Looking for scholarships can be a tedious process, confusing and overwhelming. Going through countless lists online or offline, and each having a separate application form and process can make it an extremely daunting task.

While there are many websites that list scholarships, the application processes are to individual institutions and separately managed. In addition, these scholarships are open to all applicants from various sources.

The BIG DIFFERENCE at scholarships2u.com, is that all scholarships listed here are pledged exclusively through us and are awarded to applicants applying through our scholarship test platform system ONLY, thus saving you time and hassle.

The philosophy behind Scholarships2u.com is simple – to provide a platform to assist education providers and students to engage with each other, in awarding the scholarships to qualified candidates easily, effectively and efficiently.

At Scholarships2u.com, we work with world-class academic institutions in our quest to bring you the best scholarship offers that meet your needs.