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Scholarship Testing

What is Scholarship Testing?

Certain institutions entail students to participate in a Scholarship test to be eligible to apply for their scholarships. These are qualifying tests designed to identify students with exceptional abilities, on top of additional criteria that the institution may require.

The level of difficulty for a Scholarship Test exceeds normal entrance, benchmark, or achievement tests that students are often subjected to in school. The tests are designed to be rigorous, demanding the ability for critical thinking on a higher level. They are timed tests to assess the performance level of each individual student.


When registering for the test, please ensure that you key in the correct year level that you are currently studying in, and also the year level of tests that you will be sitting for.

A Year Level Guide is provided as HERE for your easy reference.

Test information

The Scholarship test are divided into two sections that comprise of Ability tests and Achievement tests.

Test Test Format Time (Min)
Ability Tests Verbal Reasoning Measures the ability to think and reason using words and language. This includes vocabulary, word relationships, classification and deduction. 30
Numerical Reasoning Measures the ability to think and reason using numbers. This includes series, matrices, arithmetical reasoning and deduction. 30
Achievement Tests Reading Comprehension Measures the capacity to read and interpret meaning from written passages, as well as correct, complete and punctuate sentences. 30
Mathematics Measures year-level appropriate mathematical knowledge, including items tapping numbers, measurement, algebra, space and data. 30
Written Expression This test assesses the ability to convey ideas clearly in written form. Punctuation, creativity, construction, grammar, spelling and relevance to the task are assessed. 15



Terms and Conditions of Testing

1. Test reports will be given to institutions offering the scholarships for consideration
2. Selection of candidates is at the discretion of the awarding institution
3. No disputes will be entertained, the institution reserves all rights to award their scholarships
4. While information on test dates/venue will be provided via email, it is the responsibility of the student to check with us and turn up for the test
5. No refunds will be entertained once student/parent has registered for the test